90 minute art

This unique art project challenged artists to produce a piece of work in just 90 minutes, the same length of time as a football match.  This year’s theme was ‘Celebrating life every day, everywhere, responsibly’. This website showcases all the artists who contributed.

The works, produced in association with Creative Orchestra, were exhibited in a series of 90 minute pop-up art exhibitions, and finally the artwork will be auctioned off on November 1oth in support of Positive Futures (Catch 22).

Positive Futures work with kids from deprived backgrounds and helps them steer clear of drugs, crime, gang culture, alcohol misuse and move forward in their lives in a positive way. They run over 90 projects across the UK. Have a look at the great work they do at http://www.posfutures.org.uk

A collage of the work can be seen on the walls of the Diageo Manchester United hospitality box.


We launched the first 90 MINUTE ART pop-up art exhibition outside Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End (known as London’s Creative Village). We exhibited 11 of the original 32 pieces. The works will be auctioned in November to support a children’s charity.  It lasted …yep, 90 minutes. Drew quite a crowd too. More to come at other venues all across London.

See all the other artists here.

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