90 Minute Art exhibits at UBM

A selection of work from the 90 Minute Art collection will be hung in the offices of UBM (Ludgate House, 245 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 9UY).

This has been organised by the Positive Futures charity.

Based in 40 countries, with over 6.500 staff, UBM is a global media and B2B communications, marketing service and data provider. UBM operates in five main business segments: Events; PR Newswire; Data Services; Marketing Services – Online; and Marketing Services – Print.  See http://www.ubm.com to find out more.

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90 Minute Auction

Sadly, Thursday's auction has had to be postponed. 
We'll let you know the new date as soon as they tell us.
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90 minute art

This unique art project challenged artists to produce a piece of work in just 90 minutes, the same length of time as a football match.  This year’s theme was ‘Celebrating life every day, everywhere, responsibly’. This website showcases all the artists who contributed.

The works, produced in association with Creative Orchestra, were exhibited in a series of 90 minute pop-up art exhibitions, and finally the artwork will be auctioned off on November 1oth in support of Positive Futures (Catch 22).

Positive Futures work with kids from deprived backgrounds and helps them steer clear of drugs, crime, gang culture, alcohol misuse and move forward in their lives in a positive way. They run over 90 projects across the UK. Have a look at the great work they do at http://www.posfutures.org.uk

A collage of the work can be seen on the walls of the Diageo Manchester United hospitality box.


We launched the first 90 MINUTE ART pop-up art exhibition outside Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End (known as London’s Creative Village). We exhibited 11 of the original 32 pieces. The works will be auctioned in November to support a children’s charity.  It lasted …yep, 90 minutes. Drew quite a crowd too. More to come at other venues all across London.

See all the other artists here.

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Gemma Correll



is a freelance illustrator, coffee drinker and sometime ukelele player, based in deepest, darkest England. When she is not drawing podgy little characters annotated with mildly amusing phrases, she enjoys playing songs from Broadway musicals on her keyboard (yes, she is stuck in the 90s) and taking her pug, Mr Norman Pickles, for midnight walks. Gemma has exhibited her work in galleries and shop windows around the world and her artwork has been reproduced on everything from placemats to T-shirts to umbrellas. She has also had her work published in various books, annuals and magazines. Gemma’s artwork is has been described as “the perfect combination of ugly and cute”, which she hopes is a compliment. Gemma dreams of one day owning a house somewhere warm, with a mezzanine, pretty curtains and space for several small squishy-faced dogs and a few fluffy kitties.

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Lizzie Mary Cullen



When researching Diageo, I loved the explanation behind the name –

‘The word Diageo comes from the Latin for day (dia) and the Greek for world (geo).’ With my drawing I wanted to incorporate this idea and also include a nod to the history of the brand. The drawing details the world, and focuses in on different places and different times. It starts with Dublin in 1749, and also details a modern New York, Tokyo, Kyoto, the Great Wall of China, and the Caribbean to incorporate this idea and feel of a worldwide brand.

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Andrew Joyce



I am a Bath based Illustrator and recent graduate of Bath Spa University. I split my time between the UK and Japan, a place where I continue to gain influence and inspiration from, and am endlessly fascinated with capturing the visual aspects of both cultures. I am currently setting up an illustration and animation studio with five other Bath Spa University graduates. I enjoy documenting the objects around me. I also like sumo.

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Catherine Arnold


I studied at St Martin’s and then went on to study costume & set design at Bournemouth University. I’ve just graduated and am now living in London.

My piece is made up from lots of different pieces of recycled fabrics, most taken from old costumes. I thought it would be interesting to have the extra sense of touch to add to the visual element.

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He is an aerosol artist who has transferred from street tagging and bombing to working on a more ‘fine art’ approach to his canvas work. Using just the purist graffiti tools of spraycan and emulsion roller, his pieces show individually distinctive styles expressed through alternate self projection. His work contains a mixture of cultural and social themes based upon a combination of observation and personal experience.

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Chetan Kumar



I’m a freelance illustrator based in London and I take a keen interest in street art. urban environments, and turning the familiar on its head.  I’m inspired by the complex systems of cities and I like to focus on the different aspects such as powerlines, buildings, bridges, markets, and people.

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Nick Shove



My monsters start life as a doodle in my sketch book and after a selection period of tweaking, erasing and redrawing the lucky ones get ceremoniously penned in and marked for promotion. The monsters final incarnations are created using a mixture of spray-paints, paint pens, markers and acrylics and once signed the creatures featured are ready for deployment.

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